Why Wood Siding and Wood Siding Installers in Minneapolis Are Better Than Vinyl

Ask any random person on the street, and chances are there current type of siding installation is vinyl. It is the de-facto answer. It is relatively cheap. It is resilient to the wear and tear of the wind and rain that plasters the sides of homes in Minneapolis during the winter and spring. It doesn’t look pretty, but it just about always gets the job done.

There is a growing portion of homeowners who are simply unsatisfied with the plastic drab feel of vinyl siding. It isn’t appealing in any way, and they are digging up some alternative options. The option they are landing on is more and more often becoming wood.

siding installers in Minneapolis for wood are becoming popular because they offer something more visually striking and unique than what is quickly becoming the generic vinyl siding. There are two ways to install wood siding. The first is with clapboards, and the other is with shingles.

The installers for wood are made up of clapboard pieces. These are planks of wood that are installed at a different angle. These horizontal planks will overlap the hanging lower piece. The installers keep the wood in place.

This type of approach is looked at as the best way to decorate and design wood siding. But, some are using shingles and shingle installers. The shingle design is a lot flatter, which some customers prefer. The look seems more “professional.” The wood installers give the property an almost natural-made look that is hard to easily replicate. Customers that want something that looks more like a traditional home will opt for shingles. The shingles are treated with a chemical base to dissuade insects and rodents.

Wood installations and wood siding are more expensive than vinyl. But, the aesthetic preferences may override that fact. The siding could cost close to $10 per foot, so customers who opt for the wood are willing to go the extra mile to get something that is striking and beautifully fitting. Get more information about the various siding styles available and popular for the community. Vinyl is one of the most popular, but wood has its own aesthetic appeal.

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