Siding Repair Services Fix Damage and Replace Panels After Hail Hits Vinyl Siding

Siding Repair Services become important after a bad storm has come through an area and damaged buildings. Aluminum siding is most vulnerable to developing dents from hail damage, whereas vinyl usually holds up better. However, large hail propelled by the wind can cause dings, cracks, chips and even noticeable holes when it hits vinyl siding. Sometimes the damage is worse than the homeowner thinks since not all of it may be easy to detect except by a trained, skilled observer. An insurance claims adjuster and a siding repair contractor will likely notice smaller dings at the panel edges, for example.

If the damage is not extensive, Siding Repair Services can replace certain parts of the siding. In contrast, extreme cases call for residing of the entire building. When deciding between repair or an entire residing project, one consideration involves whether siding can be acquired that completely matches the material already in place. Sometimes older siding has been discontinued, making an exact color match difficult.

Hail during a windstorm may only cause damage to one or two sides of the house. When large hail falls directly down without the wind, it may not even hit the siding, but may cause damage to the roof. Depending on how extensive the problem is, a homeowner may want to have home insurance pay for the repair and replacement work. Insurance deductibles typically range from $500 to $2,500, although some policyholders choose deductibles even higher than that. Insurers also often are willing to search for siding that matches discontinued products, as that saves the corporation money on a complete residing job. A contractor such as Toledo Roof Repair can check for hail damage to the roof as well as fix problems that occurred with the siding. Visit the website to learn details about this company.

If the work cannot be done immediately, caulking the holes is advisable, especially if rain is predicted. Tarping the area if the damage is extensive is a faster solution. Contractors tend to become very busy after a hailstorm, and they create a schedule to fit everyone in. In addition, sometimes there are delays with insurance claims, so protective measures should be taken.

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