Why Use Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Materials?

by | Mar 29, 2012 | Business

Homes are not the only place where infestations occur. Offices, warehouses, depots, small and large commercial buildings can house a number of harmful animals, birds and insects that can ruin goods and materials or create an unhealthy environment for your workers and employees. When your home or commercial enterprise is infested by insects, birds or animals carry out pest control to manage your problem.

A professional pest control company can customize solutions to provide appropriate treatment for your problem. Individuals and corporate bodies are increasingly opting for green solutions that are less harmful to the environment. Using green solutions for pest control in your home or office, does not adversely affect the health pets, children and adults.

Pests cause millions of dollars in damage to crops and food supplies all over the country every year. Without pest management, crop yields would fall, quality of produce would decline and farmers would lose money every year. Much of the food in storage is also attacked by rodents and insects and needs to be protected by pest control methods.
Excessive use of pesticides has led to serious illnesses like diseases of the central nervous system, leukemia, lymphoma and childhood cancers caused by exposure to toxins. Pesticides have been linked to reproductive, behavioral, immunological and neurological disorders. Children and pregnant mothers should never be disproportionately exposed to harmful toxins found in pesticides that can cause these diseases. The need of the hour is to exercise judicious use of toxins and switch to more environmentally friendly materials. Preventive measures and use of non-chemical methods in pest control can be the answer.

Green pest management is increasingly catching on. This method uses non-chemical, plant based organic or naturally occurring materials for controlling pest infestations. Plant oils, rosemary, clove oil, wintergreen, Indian basil are just some of the common materials of natural origin that are effective insect repellants. Citronella oil is a well established mosquito repellant. Inorganic chemicals that also provide green pest control include boric acid. Boric acid and talcum powder are very effective in controlling cockroach infestations.

Animals like rodents can be effectively removed by using animal traps and other mechanical devices to either prevent their entry onto your property or to eradicate existing infestations. Raccoons, rats, mice and other animals can infest warm and dry places like chimneys, ducts, attics and crawlspaces. Professionals would inspect the home or building for indications of infestation and design custom solutions for pest control. Van Nuys residents can seek the help of experienced technicians in the area who offer customized solutions.

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