What to Do About Squealing Brakes

by | Mar 29, 2012 | Automotive

For many Shoreline residents, sudden strange noises emanating from a car’s wheels are a sure sign that it’s time to undergo a prompt brake repair. However, this isn’t always the case. Many people panic when problems begin to manifest in their cars and are far too quick to assume that repairs are necessary. This is a mistake because any given aspect of auto repair can be needlessly expensive, and money is a very finite resource for most people. It’s important to save as much cash as possible, so don’t run to the nearest dealership the second you hear a strange squeal coming from your brakes; it’s entirely possible that the problem isn’t as serious as you think it might be.

Before you panic, try and find out whether or not your car was built with metal shavings. In many automobile models, metal shavings are implemented into the brakes in order to make it easier for the car to come to a quick, smooth halt. However, due to their composition, brakes with metal shavings often make a squealing noise when the vehicle begins to grind to a stop. Many car owners hear this and mistake it for a need to have the brakes repaired, when, in actuality, the system isn’t failing at all.

A squealing set of brakes might also be caused by worn, rough rotors. When cars brake, the pads push against the rotors in order to bring the wheels to a stop. Normally, rotors are very smooth, so this doesn’t cause any problems. However, in many cases, the rotors may be cracked or have an otherwise rough surface so that when the car brakes, it produces a strange sound. Again, this has little to do with brake system failure, so repairs aren’t always necessary. However, the sound can be a bit irritating; so many car owners may prefer to have the rotors repaired anyway.

Finally, there’s a chance that moisture might be the culprit. In many cases, exposure to excess water may cause your brakes to get squeaky. Often, this is caused by wet weather, in which case it’s not something that you should want to see a brake repair specialist about. Generally, pumping the brakes a few times can resolve the issue if you can’t deal with the noise. Otherwise, you can probably ignore it until the weather clears up. However, if this also occurs during dry weather, you might want to check and see if the fluid is leaking. If so, it may damage the brake pads if left unattended. Calling a brake repair specialist in Shoreline would be helpful, just to ascertain the extent of the problem and whether it needs repair.


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