Why Ordering Small Diameter Tube Metals Makes Sense

by | Feb 18, 2014 | Business

When your project calls for metal to complete, you’ll find there are a number of ways to order it. Copper, brass and other common materials can often be shipped in bars, rods or even as a small diameter tube. The latter has some benefits, depending upon your desired use.

A small diameter tube is typically hollow and, depending on the type of metal in question, it can be rather flexible, as well. These properties can make ordering in tubes rather wise for a variety of applications.

When to Select Tubing

If you’re planning to use brass to create lock bodies, bars might be the way to go. If you need copper, brass or other metals for different types of applications, a small diameter tube could make the most sense. It’s a solid choice in these circumstances:

1. When the metal will be used for piping – Small diameter tubes make a great deal of sense for piping. Depending on the material you need and the size required, your selection might require very little alteration to work in your desired application. Copper tubing, for example, can often be ordered in the right size for electrical work. The same can be said for brass and plumbing fixtures.

2. When the metal will be used for architectural or design purposes – A small diameter tube of brass is an excellent choice for many artistic applications. This form of brass tends to be fairly pliable, which means the brass can be easily worked into a desired shape. Copper tubing is also useful in architectural and design situations.

Benefits of Tubing

A small diameter tube of metal can be a better choice for certain applications. The reasons for this may include:

1. Easier design work – If a project calls for piping or tubing, order in the ready-made fashion can just make getting from Step A to Step B a lot easier. Bars, for example, are likely to require much more shaping and reworking under this type of circumstance.

2. Greater flexibility – Small diameter tubes do offer strength, but they tend to be more pliable than bars. That means you can craft them to conform to a desired shape a bit easier than a larger, bulkier bar.


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