Colon Cleanse Weight Loss Benefits

by | Feb 18, 2014 | health care

It is common knowledge that there are several benefits to a colon cleanse.  In general it improves your sense of wellness and the health of your body.  In fact, it may even help you reduce the risk of developing colon cancer.  A colon cleanse can improve digestion, prevent constipation, raise your energy levels, allow for the better absorption of nutrients, increase fertility, improve concentration and jumpstart weight loss. Colon cleanse weight loss has been experienced by those who have tried this and many swear by the benefits of it.

Unless you are especially keen to do so, you will not take in the required amount of fiber for the day in your regular diet.  Foods that are high in fiber move through your digestive system quite fast, bulk up your bowel movements and sweep the colon on their way out.  However, those that are not tend to creep along at a quarter of the speed of those that are high in fiber.  Because of this they tend to produce more mucous and therefore will stick to the walls of the intestines and colon to the detriment of your health.  As such your colon can hold plenty of waste that should be eliminated.

Colon cleanse weight loss occurs when the colon is flushed of that decaying fecal matter.  Because your colon can hold as much as 8 lbs of waste matter that needs elimination at once, the removal of it from your colon can produce significant loss of weight.  In addition it can also jumpstart your metabolism so that you can be on your way to a leaner, healthier you.  Once the colon cleanse is done your intestines are now free to better absorb the nutrients you need.  When your body’s nutrient requirements are met, it stops asking you for more food leading to controlled food intake and weight loss.

There are several types of colon cleanses and you get to choose the one that works best for you.  Some of them will require you not to eat any food but simply drink a liquid mixture and then carry out a salt water flush to clean yourself out on a daily basis for a week or so.  Others will allow you to take some fruit juices and even some herbal teas as well.  Once you are done with your colon cleanse it is advisable to start a healthy diet particularly one that is healthy for your colon.

Colon cleanse weight loss benefits are only the tip of the iceberg.  A colon cleanse has many other advantages that should be explored before you have one.

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