Why Mediation Can Be So Effective When It Comes to Family Law

by | May 17, 2013 | Lawyer

When you have a family law situation in Cedar Rapids, IA, you may want to consider working with a family law attorney who specializes in mediation. Because mediation looks for creative ways to find resolutions that are beneficial to everyone who is involved in a particular situation, it can be especially helpful in family situations where the goal is, or, at least, presumably should be, to maintain lines of communication and the integrity of the relationships involved.

A family law Cedar Rapids, IA mediator can help the members of your family discuss the motivations, needs, values, and wants that under gird whatever outcomes they are seeking. As everyone involved begins to understand what is at stake for each person, solutions can change and evolve, as parties creatively explore various options. Your family law mediator will help to facilitate these discussions, prodding where necessary and working to ensure that one person does not monopolize the conversation. Your family mediator will only facilitate and never direct the conversation, because the mediator remains neutral and helps the individuals to come to their own, agreed upon, resolution.

Even in cases where a family crisis or difficulty is what has precipitated the need for some legal recourse, mediation can be effective. In fact, a divorce settlement can be mediated by a family law mediator, even if, in the beginning, the couple is skeptical that mediation could ever be successful. Research has shown that in ninety-five percent of mediation cases, the participants did not initially believe that mediation would work. However, in nearly three quarters of those cases, agreements were reached on some, and in many cases, all, of the issues faced. However, in divorce cases that were not mediated, which had to determined by the courts, future action was often required, because the participants were ultimately unsatisfied with the results.

Of course, there are some cases in which mediation will not be effective, no matter how skilled and experienced your family law mediator might be. Such cases include situations where one family member is justifiably fearful of another or when an individual is afraid to speak up or to disagree with others in the family. In such cases, other avenues of resolving family law crisis in Cedar Rapids, IA will need to be explored.

A family law lawyer Cedar Rapids, IA, can help you and whatever other members of your family are involved in your family law crisis or situation to reach resolutions that protect and upholds everyone’s rights and interests and that all involved parties can agree upon. This is much to be preferred over a court order that cannot possibly take into consideration all of the family dynamics involved or what is best for the individuals in your family.

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