Why Many People are Choosing Cremation for Pasadena Funerals

by | Jul 30, 2013 | Funeral Services

Today a funeral ceremony is just as likely to include cremated remains (cremains) as it is a body in a casket. This is because, by choosing cremation in Pasadena, clients get many benefits which may include:

A “GREEN” FUNERAL: Often eco-friendly people who pre-plan their own funerals chose cremation in order to save valuable land resources. Families may also choose this option when they believe it will respect the deceased person’s beliefs.

TIME: There are times when it is very hard to make funeral arrangements in a timely manner. This can be because family members are coming from a great distance, or because of other delays. Cremating the body allows survivors to hold a funeral at any time or place they wish, and eliminates the stress of having to make rushed arrangements.

A VARIETY OF PLACES: Some families choose to transport cremated remains to places that were meaningful to the deceased, and scatter ashes in each venue. When choosing cremation in Pasadena families can arrange funerals in non-traditional settings, such as boats, airplanes, at the beach, or on mountaintops.

TRADITIONAL OPTIONS: Cremation does not automatically rule out a traditional funeral. Some families opt to have the body embalmed, followed by a viewing in a temporary casket, and then a funeral service. The body is then cremated, and the remains returned to the survivors.

SAVINGS: The cost of a funeral may include embalming, viewing for one or more days, a casket, a vault, and the cost of a burial plot. When choosing cremation in Pasadena residents can still arrange simple, dignified funerals, for a fraction of the cost of traditional funerals.

OPTIONAL BURIAL: Families can bury cremated remains, or have them interred in a mausoleum. Many survivors choose to keep the ashes themselves, and some even have a plot on their property where they bury the ashes and create a personal memorial.

Today people who are concerned about conserving the earth’s resources are choosing cremation instead of a traditional funeral. Cremation is also popular because it saves the survivors money, allows them to hold funerals in their own time frame, and still offers them the option of a traditional ceremony.

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