Why it is Smart to Use Commercial Cleaning for Portland Businesses

by | Jun 13, 2013 | Carpet Cleaning

Most business owners know that they only get one chance to make a good first impression. That is why they partner with cleaning companies to create healthy, appealing shops and buildings that customers and employees will enjoy. By choosing Portland, OR Commercial Cleaning businesses are assured of efficient, convenient, and complete floor maintenance.

Commercial cleaners are experts in several areas that allow them to maintain business flooring of every type, without disrupting daily operations:

ON SITE OPERATION: Professional cleaners have mobile equipment that can handle even the most complex job. They arrive equipped with cleaning products, floor cleaners, and mobile extractors, which remove water.

EXPERIENCE: Commercial cleaners have the training and equipment to work with many surfaces. They can evaluate carpeting, wood, tile, marble, terrazzo, and stone floors, and choose the ideal cleaning process for each. Cleaners are able to strip scrub, and then finish sheet vinyl floors. They can clean concrete and ceramic to make it look like new. Professionals can also clean upholstery and wall panels when needed.

PROFESSIONALISM: Experienced commercial cleaners are skilled at working with their customers’ needs and work around business needs. This usually means working after business hours. They can use low moisture carpet cleaning, to ensure that carpets are clean, dry, and usable within a short time.

CUSTOMIZATION: When businesses need non-toxic cleaning, experts can work with them to provide safe products. Other customers have especially heavy traffic and get a lot of staining. Professionals work with customers to remove stains and possibly provide sealants or stain guards to protect materials.

VALUE: Professional cleaning is a bargain because it extends the life of flooring while keeping it sanitary and beautiful. Commercial cleaners will also work to create a maintenance schedule that works with every budget.

Trained professional cleaners can give new life to older floors, saving businesses the cost of replacing them. They have the skills and products to maintain every type of flooring. Experts work at customers’ convenience and can provide complete services discretely, so that business is not disrupted. They are the invisible partners who ensure a healthy, clean environment for customers and workers.

Get trained professional cleaners for efficient, convenient, and complete floor maintenance. Contact Northwest Commercial Carpet & Floor Cleaning Inc. for more details.

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