Why is Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning so Important?

by | Mar 30, 2012 | Business

We speak in Cincinnati so glibly of HVAC. This abbreviation stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. And it is right that they be mentioned together: for they form part of a system which functions best when working as one unit.

For example, you may have very good natural ventilation of your home or business, but there may be one zone for which you need a different type of ventilation. You may want, for example, to have your bathroom better ventilated as there is mold growing in it; or in your business you may have a store room which needs to be kept cooler than the rest of the building. The only way to deal with your ventilation and air conditioning requirements properly is to have an HVAC Cincinnati professional in to inspect your building and then give you an opinion on the system as a whole.

The needs of one home or business differ from that of another. What they do have in common is that all the people in those homes or businesses need good ventilation to keep circulating the air, or otherwise the level of pollutants can rise quite alarmingly – in fact, the inside air can have two to five times the load of pollutants as outside air. These pollutants can include dusts and pollens brought in from outside, bacteria and viruses from people, smoke, chemical fumes, and humidity. The higher the bacterial and viral load in the air we breathe, the greater our chance of becoming infected with respiratory illnesses.

With our increasing awareness of the damage we can do to the earth by utilising the natural resources so fast, we also need to consider replacing outdated systems with energy-efficient ones, and building the most effective systems into our new buildings. Here the HVAC services in Cincinnati provide excellent advice, explaining what systems are available, what their advantages are, and what their installation and operating costs are. These experts will also give quotes for systems. They will then, once you decide on a system, install it: their staff members include highly-trained people with all the necessary qualifications. These companies are affiliated to and certified by organisations such as the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, so you know when you deal with them that they are competent.

A good HVAC system will take into account the different temperature and air flow requirements in different zones in your home. It will provide you with controls so that you can change the settings as you need to, and program the settings as the seasons change.

It is wise to have a maintenance contract with your HVAC Cincinnati company. This way you will have your system and its components checked and cleaned regularly, and tune-ups performed. This preventative maintenance will keep the system working well for you.

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