Why Choose A Property Management Company In Oro Valley AZ?

Many people think that once they get their investment properties, everything will be easy. However, the responsibility doesn’t end with finding and buying properties. You must run it efficiently and maintain it, as well as repair it when necessary. Likewise, you’ll need to get tenants in the units as quickly as possible but will also want the best options available. A property management company in Oro Valley AZ can help you with all that and more.


Most investors believe, incorrectly, that these companies are too expensive or that they don’t charge fair rates. While some may be priced higher than others, they may also offer more services, making them a one-stop shop for all of your properties and their needs. Most PMs charge no more than 10 percent of your collected rent. However, it’s best to read the contract to ensure that they’re not charging for units that aren’t filled.

Shield You

A property management company in Oro Valley AZ is designed to shield you from the tenants. It’s no doubt that you’ll get that three a.m. call about an overflowing toilet or something similar if you haven’t already gotten that call. These problems must be dealt with immediately, but you don’t have to be the one heading out or calling a plumber.

Record Keeping

It is your job to ensure that all of your financial and other documents are completed promptly and saved in a place they can easily be retrieved. However, dealing with all that paperwork can be a bore. Many PM companies will keep track of everything, providing you with detailed reports for cash statements, income, and expenses. You don’t have to worry about doing it all, and can check up on things as you see fit.

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