Why Chimney Sweep Cleaning in Annapolis, MD Is So Important For A Family’s Safety

Most homeowners enjoy the look and feel a fireplace gives a home. However, a fireplace can be dangerous if a homeowner isn’t careful. When it comes to maintaining a home, the last thing an owner should overlook is the fireplace. A fireplace must be properly maintained to operate safely. The following are a few reasons why services for chimney sweep cleaning in Annapolis MD are so important.

For starters, regularly having a fireplace cleaned and swept can help to avoid an accidental fire. Yes, fireplaces are for fire, but an unkempt fireplace could cause flames to creep up into the flue of a chimney. In fact, a number of house fires have been caused by dirty chimneys. Creosote is a byproduct that’s created from burning wood, and this deposit can collect inside of a chimney. Creosote is combustible and can cause a fire to spread.

Keeping a chimney and fireplace clean can also work to protect your family’s health. Allowing creosote to build up in a chimney could allow some serious dangers to occur. For instance, burning fuel always produces a tasteless and odorless gas known as carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is poisonous, and many people die from being exposed to this dangerous gas every year. A clean chimney allows for this gas to escape from its opening. However, if this opening becomes blocked, the gas will have no option but to collect in a home unbeknownst to those inside.

Aside from a terrible fire or the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, a service for Chimney Sweep Cleaning in Annapolis MD could prevent smoke damage. Again, deposits tend to build up inside of the flue of a fireplace over time. Too much buildup could cause smoke to enter the room of a fireplace instead of upwards into the chimney.

Visit website for more useful information about the importance of having a clean and well-maintained fireplace. Again, every year, a number of house fires occur due to dirty chimneys. A chimney that’s clogged could lead to the spread of carbon monoxide. Lastly, a dirty chimney could allow smoke to build up and enter a home causing an expensive amount of damage.

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