Why A Construction Company Might Work with a Full-Service Recycling Center in CT

There are businesses around the country that create a great deal of garbage that they work hard to separate and recycle. An industry that is held to a different standard when it comes to recycling is the construction industry. There are many materials that they come across that require proper disposal and are regulated by the government. That is why they will often contract with a Recycling Center CT for their recycling needs.

Collecting Garbage

One of the first benefits of using a full-service Recycling Center CT is they can collect all of the garbage produced on a job site. Not only will they provide the roll-off dumpsters, but they will pick them up as needed as well. They will then take the garbage to their recycling center and separate it for their clients. This makes it very easy to keep a job site clean and to ensure that the site is in compliance with regards to federal regulations and the disposal of certain types of construction waste.

Picking Up Specific Items

Some work sites end up with interesting types of waste, such as commercial grade air-conditioning systems, which can be as large as a small house all on their own. Moving this type of garbage for disposal can take special equipment, and it still has to be disposed of in a specific way. In addition, there are parts of a commercial A/C unit that can be removed and recycled or rebuilt for use in another unit.

A full-service recycling center has the equipment needed to remove large items from a work site. They can also take apart old machinery and recycle the necessary pieces and properly dispose of parts that need special attention.

Pay for Scrap

For those companies that are looking for a way to make money off of the debris from a work site, recycling centers will pay for certain types of scrap, especially scrap metal. This will require the construction company to separate their own debris taking the good from the bad, but it’s a good way to make money from stuff that is left behind for garbage.

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