Who Can Legally Sell Medical Cannabis In Illinois?

According to the Federal Government; no one can. This is because the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 is still in force and applies nationwide. This is because it is classified as a Class 1 drug which means that the authorities feel that its use may be subject to abuse and (in their opinion) there are no totally proven claims that medical cannabis has therapeutic value.


The plant produces many compounds but it is noted for the psychoactive (mind altering) compound called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); this is where most of the “high” comes from regardless of which form is being used (leaves, resin, oil, etc). In the short term users may experience other effects on top of their high. These can include short-term memory loss with impaired attention span; red eyes: feelings of paranoia or anxiety; impaired motor skills and a dry mouth. THC is also toxic but greater doses would be required for this to be a problem for users. It can also cause psychotic episodes; although these usually wear off over time.


There have been zero reports of poisoning and no reported deaths from over dosing. The intoxicating effect does raise doubts over its abuse; but, in reasonable dosage, this does not appear to be too bad.

What Is A Reasonable Dose?

This is the problem. If we compare it with legal booze; most people should be OK with the so-called, occasional, “recreational use”; but we are all too aware of the problems associated with alcohol abuse. Some States have decriminalized its possession and use by individuals but this can be over ridden by Federal Authorities.

Additionally, over 20 States have adopted measures to allow for the sale of medical cannabis through regulated medical marijuana dispensaries. However, purchasers must have medical confirmation that they suffer from a debilitating condition that could be relieved through the use of medical cannabis.


The Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act (which came into effect on January 1ST, 2015) does allow for its production, sale and usage within the State. However, not only are growers, processors and sales outlets rigidly controlled; but the user must be correctly qualified and registered. Even then, they are only allowed 2.5 ounces every two weeks. Furthermore, they have to renew their registration status every year.

Medical cannabis cannot be supplied by normal pharmacies; it can only be purchased through state recognized dispensaries. Greenhouse is active throughout Chicagoland and can be contacted by qualified users seeking State legal medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Glenview Illinois. For more information visit greenhouseil.com.

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