When Shopping in Tucson Visit the Pecan Store

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Shopping

This holiday season give a gift of Arizona sun. Give a gift of pecans, pecan logs, assorted gift baskets, syrups, hot sauces, barbecue sauces, coffee, pecan brittle and chocolates. If you’re looking for the finest gifts for your favorite baker, employees, business associates or corporate executives, let the store create a special gift basket just for you filled with great tasting pecans and other fine items. When you cook with locally grown pecans for pies, breakfast rolls, and sticky pecan buns you’ll have the best smelling home in the county. Shopping in Tucson for gifts that include pecans from the Green Valley Pecan Company Store will turn every gift into something very special.

Family owned since 1948, what used to be 7,000 acres of land used for growing cotton has become known as the prime pecan growers in the entire region of Tucson and beyond. When you log on to the website, you’ll find many gift ideas, all at very affordable prices. You could create your own beautiful gift basket by purchasing items separately. There are pecan logs, plastic containers of dark chocolate covered pecans, pecan coffees, wonderfully sweet and crunchy praline pecans, a 14 ounce seven section pecan candy tray or a 52 ounce pecan tray.

You can sign up for the company newsletter to keep up with new items and receive some fine recipes you can make for birthdays, holidays or anniversaries. They have a quick order section for customers to input product numbers which makes for a quicker checkout. You’ll also see a ‘contact us’ button that takes you to a web page with the hours the store is open, telephone number and email address. When you go Shopping in Tucson, be sure to stop in and meet the fine people who love giving back to their community.

Once you shop at the pecan store, you’ll realize why they have customers from all over the world who buy pecans, not only for gifts, but to sell in their own retail stores, bake shops, ingredients for main dishes and who want the finest pecans. With 7,000 acres of prime land to grow the pecans under a warm and sunny sky the trees love, there will be sunshine in every bite you take out of a wonderful holiday pecan pie.

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