What’s Ultrasound Therapy?

Ultrasound therapy using an ultrasound machine such as the GE Vivid E95 supplied by Jaken Medical Inc. is utilized to treat tissue injuries under the skin’s surface by generating vibrations. Heat is considered to be generated by continuously moving and pressing the ultrasound machine’s metal head over skin within the area of your injury or place affected by a severe clinical condition. The advantages of ultrasound have been disputed with very little scientific studies to back claims of successful procedures by therapists.

How does it work?

Mechanical vibration will create sound which may be heard by the human ear in a specific range, with any vibrations beyond this level referred to as ultrasound. Waves will be passed through a head of a machine to pass the generated waves via the skin’s surface to the underlying tissues. To complete ultrasound therapy that is successful, gel is applied to the patient’s skin in the area of the injury to cease waves from dispersing as they touch the air. Usually, therapies last from 3 to 5 minutes repeated on a daily basis for rapid recovery from soft tissue injuries and less frequently for longer clinical conditions.

Frequency may be altered within an ultrasound therapy to make sure the mechanical vibrations get to the desired tissues considered to be damaged. Greater ultrasonic frequencies are mainly used in the treatment of damaged tissues near the skin’s surface. Lower frequencies are utilized to pass ultrasonic waves deep inside the body’s tissues.

Promotes healing

No theory was shown as to the reason why such therapy might promote healing as well as ease stiffness and pain in the affected region. A theory implies the generation of vibrations inside the tissues under the skin will heat the tissues inside the damaged region under the skin to promote healing as well as boost blood flow that passes through tissues. By raising the generation of collagen inside the surrounding and damaged tissues, healing periods are decreased and the quantity of scarred tissue that surrounds an injury is restricted. The usage of ultrasound also is considered to decrease the odds of spasms in the muscles producing pain within the region that surrounds damaged tissues.

In the shorter term, the rise in blood flow that is stimulated by waves may decrease the recovery speed as applied after an injury occurred.

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