Apps for boaters

HOSTAR Marine Transport Systems, Inc. yard trailers specifically are made for the boat storage facility or commercial marina operator requiring the ultimate within boat handling efficiency. Our yard trailers are hard-working, very versatile machines which safely can deal with a broad array of vessel sizes and types with minimal adjustment. Here are 3 apps for boaters:

The BoatUS App

Naturally, it’s our favorite app within this bunch. We have listed it here to make your life at sea both easier and safer, whether you have an Android or iPhone. The BoatUS App contains 3 components: “BoatUS Directory, “Share Your Location,” and “Call for a Tow.”

“Call For A Tow” includes the best feature of the app you will hope you never need to use. However, if you break down upon the water and require help activate this app and their crew is going to have your critical data (which includes contact information, boat size and type, location, and whether you’ll have a working VHF onboard), automatically. It may shorten the time it’ll take to receive assistance, and eliminate any opportunity for mistakes.

“Share Your Location” is going to come in handy as there isn’t any emergency, yet you have a desire to allow your friends to know where you are. Do you wish to contact your friend in a hot fishing spot? Invite her or him to raft up for the night? With their app you will have the ability to send an email or private text message with your longitude, latitude, and Google Maps link that is included. In addition, as you activate the app, your longitude/latitude is going to be displayed at the tip of the phone’s screen, therefore you always will know right where you are. The cost is free. Visit:

Boat Ramps

This one is for you, trailer boaters. It is a free app for both iPhones and Androids, from Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation. It’ll give you the directions to and locations of over 35,000 boat ramps around the nation. It’s possible to search by current location, city or zip code. The price is free. Visit:

Boating Suite

Ideal for liveaboards, long-distance cruisers, and boaters who enjoy knowing how much fuel is inside the tanks, it’s a logging app which turns the iPhone into a digital filing cabinet that has built-in spreadsheets. Its logs included are fuel, trip, expenses, maintenance, to-do, and shopping; reports may be organized by information included or and/or by date. The price is $4.99. Visit:

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