What You’ll See from a Whale Watching Tour

Getting up close to a killer, humpback or blue whale is pretty high up on many people’s bucket lists. That’s why whale watching in California and other places across the globe have become so popular. These majestic animals are as mysterious as they are graceful. If you’re lucky, you’ll see your share of whales on your tour. Most tours last 2 – 3 hours, so you have a great chance of a whale sighting. In fact, there are several different species you’ll see on your tour if you’re lucky. Here are just a few of them – don’t forget your camera!

*Dolphins: Friendly and playful, they can be seen swimming in groups of three or more. They are known to ham it up for humans so you can catch them at play.

*Sea Lions: Also quite playful you’ll see your share of sea lions as they play, frolic and otherwise enjoy themselves as only sea lions can do.

*Sharks: You might not want to get close up and personal with these guys, but they are a sight to see nonetheless.

*Whales: Of course, you’re bound to see a selection of whales, including the blue whale. These powerful yet graceful mammals are a breathtaking sight and you will marvel at their beauty and mystery. The same can be said for other whales you may see on your excursion, including the Gray Whale and the humpback whale.

California offers tours all year long so no matter when you go, you’re likely to spot at least one whale or two, along with other sea life. Set aside a day for relaxing at the beach, but don’t leave the state without booking your whale watching California tour, or you will miss out on a truly extraordinary experience. It will remind you just how powerful nature is.

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