What You Need to Know About Mold Remediation in Brooklyn

Mold grows as a result of excessive wetness caused by water damage or some sort of leakage. Mold is not only gross but it is also hazardous. If you have mold growth in your apartment, you should think of how to get rid of it before it affects you. If what you are facing is a small portion of mold growth, then you can remove and clean the mold by yourself. If however what you are dealing with is a big area, let professionals handle the Mold Remediation in Brooklyn. Below are the measures taken during mold remediation and cleaning.

Since mold is hazardous when inhaled, you should wear protective clothing. During the remediation, spores of the mold are blown into the air and one might inhale them. You should therefore protect every part of your body that may come into contact with the mold. It is recommended that you wear a respirator or a dust filter mask to cover the mouth and nose. You should also put on goggles, gloves and wear an overall to protect the rest of your body. An easy to clean or disposable overall is ideal.

Once the mold spores are blown into the air, they might find their way out and settle in other rooms or even on food. To avoid this, seal off the room using plastic papers or duct tapes. Take all the necessary measures to avoid spread of the mold and avoid moving from the affected room to others. If you have door or window facing the outside, you can use a vacuum to blow the mold spores outside. During the remediation process, ensure that fans and air conditioners are off.

You can also minimize the blowing of mold into the air. Dry mold tends to easily blow and spread into the air when disturbed. You can change this by wetting the mold before you start remediation. Use a spray to wet the mold then go ahead and remove it using mold removal solutions available like bleach, vinegar, ammonia and borax.
As a preventive measure, you are requested to spray areas that did not have the mold because the spores might have settled on them while cleaning. For more information about mold Remediation in Brooklyn, Visit Maspeth Environmental Corp.

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