What type of luau food to include in your party

If you are planning a luau party, you’ll want to have a rich and varied menu of delicious luau food available. Whether you are from Hawaii or you are of another culture, it helps to know what type of luau food to include. The luau food you choose will have a direct effect on your guest’s experience at your party. If you can, opt for authentic food that is made with all the traditional ingredients of a typical luau. Luau food can be varied and has a variety of delicious flavors and tastes associated with it. There are so many options when choosing luau food that it helps to know where to begin. The following will provide guidance as to what luau food you can add to your menu.

Lomi Lomi salmon

Lomi Lomi salmon is one of the traditional dishes found at a traditional luau. It is carefully prepared with a rich blending of spices natural to Hawaiian cuisine. It is a salad made with tomato, salmon, and sometimes chili peppers and crushed ice. Many people enjoy Lomi Lomi salmon and this is one of the wonderful types of luau food you can include at your party. if you have anyone in your party that will be allergic to fish, you may find it helpful to label the dishes clearly so people can make the right food choices. If you don’t know how to make Lomi Lomi salmon, you can always have it carefully prepared by an experienced professional chef.

Kalua pig

Kalua pig is Hawaiian roasted pork that is served at luaus. This type of luau food is very common and is a favorite among people from all backgrounds. Kalua pig is slow cooked and roasted pork that is traditionally served along with poi which is a sweet taro root. This type of luau food was actually traditionally made by digging a hole in the yard and using the hole as an oven. If you do not want to go to these lengths to make your own authentic kalua pig, you can simply have a chef create it for you in their state-of-the-art kitchen.

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