The Perfect Cocktail Menu for Your Wedding

You can probably imagine it now – you’ve said your vows, kissed your spouse and made it to the reception. After months of planning, the day is yours, and the fun is only just beginning. Cocktail hour is upon you. Your guests are happy, wedding catering services have perfected the décor at your Fairfield County venue, and the relaxation is finally settling in. So what’s to drink?

The Knot lists signature cocktails as one of the most important things to consider during planning for reception’s cocktail hour. With the following tips, you can make sure your cocktail menu is just as perfect as every other part of your wedding day.

  1. Consider the drink’s appearance! Anyone planning a wedding probably knows that presentation is everything, and anyone in attendance will appreciate the aesthetic of a beverage that matches the color of your décor.

  2. Make sure that your cocktails’ personalities are just as bold as yours and your spouse’s! Consider developing a mixed drink dedicated to you and another one to your partner—it will make for a great personalized touch.

  3. Keep the season in mind when putting together your cocktail menu. If you’re planning a winter wedding, consider hot drinks like hot chocolate with Bailey’s, peppermint schnapps, or Godiva liqueur. Summer wedding? Think bubbly and bright!

  4. Most importantly, Martha Stewart reminds to create the perfect “mocktail,” too! Make sure that each of your guests can enjoy the fun of your creative cocktails, whether or not they choose to drink alcohol.

Are you having trouble creating the perfect signature cocktails for your wedding? That’s where wedding catering services like Tim LaBant Catering and Events in Fairfield County come in! With the creative, expert advice of those in the business of making your wedding day the best of your life, you won’t be floundering to find the right idea for long.

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