What To Look For In A Roofing Contractor In Des Moines

by | Oct 10, 2013 | Roofing

Your home’s roof is one of the most important and expensive components of the dwelling. If it fails due to age or damage, you’ll pay the price in repair costs to insulation and walls as well as the replacement cost of the roof itself. For that reason, you need to watch your roof for signs of damage and quickly make repairs. When you eventually have to replace the roof, you should choose a company that will complete the job quickly and efficiently. Right Roofing, a Roofing Contractor in Des Moines, can handle your roofing replacement needs.

Signs that you need to replace your roof soon can include missing shingles, loss of shingle granules and curling or buckling shingles. If you wait until you see water leaking from your interior ceiling, the problem has become so severe that you’re likely looking at repair costs of well into the tens of thousands of dollars. The age of your roof is also an important factor in determining whether it should be replaced. Most roofs last between 20 and 25 years. If your roof is reaching the upper limit of its natural lifespan and is showing unusual signs of wear, replacement by a Roofer in West Des Moines is a necessity.

Choosing the best roofing contractor requires some research. Although many states now require that roofing contractors be certified, Iowa is not among that list. You’ll need to do due diligence by checking the credentials and reputation of the contractor you ultimately choose to handle your roofing work. At the very least, your contractor should have a local business license as well as proof that he carries liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. The roofer should also be qualified to install the roofing product you’ve chosen for your home. Many manufacturers require roofers to complete special training in order to install their product.

References are an important component of your research when you’re looking for a roofing contractor. A reputable contractor will provide a list of names and contact information for clients he’s worked for in the past. Talking with those clients can help you determine whether the contractor does the work he’s contracted to do in the time he promises it will be done. A Roofing Contractor in Des Moines such as Right Roofing can do the job so efficiently that you may not know it’s been completed until you notice your brand-new roof.


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