What Steps are Involved in Commercial Air Conditioning Unit Installation in Norfolk VA?

When it comes time for a property owner to have a new air conditioning unit installed, they often wonder what will occur during the process. Knowing the steps that will be involved will set an owner’s mind at ease and help them to be properly prepared. With this information, property owners will know the steps involved in the process of a commercial air conditioning unit installation in Norfolk VA so they will understand what will be occurring each step of the way.

These steps will be carried out during the installation of a commercial air conditioning system:

* The technicians will first come in and remove the old system and all of its components. The area must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure no debris is left behind that could cause damage to the new system.

* The contractor will obtain all of the necessary permits and will make sure the city inspections are scheduled so there will be no fines for illegal installations. This is crucial for ensuring the property owner and contractor do not get in trouble by violating city codes.

* If the ductwork is in place in the building, it will need to be cleaned and repaired. If the ductwork has not been installed, this will be installed before the new unit is put in place. Dirty ductwork can quickly destroy a new unit after a Commercial Air Conditioning Unit Installation in Norfolk VA.

* The outdoor unit is properly positioned and secured so the connections can all be made. It is critical the unit is properly secured and attached to the surface it sits on so no shifts will occur during operation.

* The technician will make the safe and proper connections with all wiring and refrigerant lines to ensure the outside unit will work properly.

* The indoor components, including the new thermostat, will then be installed and the technician will charge the system and perform a full inspection to ensure all components are installed and working properly.

This information will help property owners to be fully prepared for their new installation. If you are in need of commercial air conditioning services or installation, contact R.A. Styron Heating Air Conditioning Inc. right away.

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