What Does A Social Security Disability Attorney Do?

Social Security is a program under the auspices of the US federal government; it is designed to provide retirees and disabled individuals with a monthly cash benefit. A Social Security disability attorney in Missouri is very knowledgeable when it comes to the myriad of rules, regulations, laws and procedures that govern the Social Security claims process. These attorneys can provide guidance and assistance to those who are making their application for disability benefits but they are more often called upon to assist the applicant who has been denied benefits.

Getting approval for disability benefits is by no stretch of the imagination a “slam dunk,” the applicant must prove beyond doubt that they are truly disabled, to the point where they cannot work. When an application for disability benefits is first received by the administration it is subjected to a very close and critical review and analysis. The administrators will look at all the current medical records as well as the type of work and the work history of the applicant. The objective is to determine if the person can still perform their work duties or if they can be retrained to do other work which is not affected by their disability. A Social Security disability attorney in Missouri is intimate with what information the administration wants and needs, the attorney can help the applicant prepare the application so that there is a good chance of approval.

Social Security disability attorneys are well trained to help the applicant with the initial application process, however they really shine when it comes in helping those who feel they have met the SSA requirements but their benefits were denied. The Social Security disability attorney will normally ask the SSA to reconsider their decision or file a motion for a hearing. The hearing is held in front of an administrative law judge who reviews the disability claim application and all the supporting documents. During the hearing the attorney will question the initial decision as well as provide proof that their client does have a physical or mental condition that precludes their ability to work. During this hearing the attorney might call an expert medical witness or occupational expert to testify that the applicant’s condition is such that he or she cannot perform even the most basic job related tasks.

If, at this stage of the appeal process the administrative judge once again decides to disallow the application the attorney, on behalf of his client can turn the case over to the appeals council. If this also fails the final step is to file a civil lawsuit in Federal court, calling as the defendant, the Social Security administration.

If you are having difficulty in making a claim or your claim for Social Security benefits has been denied then you will need to hire a Social Security disability attorney in Missouri. Contact with Grundy Disability Group to discuss your case.

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