What are LED Exit Signs?

Exit signs include the most vital part of evacuation within an emergency. Earlier, the signs were designed of metals then illuminated by fluorescent lights. These days, light-emitting diode (LED) signs are extremely popular. They possess strings of small, green or red LEDs arranged in circles below and above the exit signs. They’re ideal for offices and homes. They’re non-polluting, cheap, and efficient.

Usually, these signs are available in two colors; green and red, and mainly use low-powered LEDs. Many signs are compatible with either 270 volt or 120 volt power. Additional variations also are available on the market. There will include some that are able to run on both voltages. Most are available with battery back-up. A few businesses provide it as a choice. Battery back-up is extremely critical; as within an emergency, there are opportunities of power failure. If you have a desire for emergency lighting, you even can mix an emergency lighting using an LED exit sign. With decades of experience, LED Craft Inc. is the leader in End-to-End LED Digital Display Solutions! We offer a wide range Of LED Signage for Churches, Schools and Businesses.

Benefits over Additional Exit Signs

LED signs are more effective than any additional signs. The compact fluorescent light (CFL) exit signs have narrow tubular lamps containing gases. As electricity passes through those gases, a chemical reaction will take place and produce the light. CFLs will lose 80 percent of energy as heat. LEDs will emit light within the most efficient way. The small LEDs are illuminated due to the movement of electrons via the semi-conducting material. The tiny quantity of heat produced is transferred back into the heat sink. Due to this reason, those signs don’t heat up like a CFL.

LEDs emit light just in one certain direction, whereas other light sources, such as incandescent signs, will emit heat and light in every direction. Therefore, the LED utilizes energy more effectively. Also, their light output is consistent over time. It’ll show up in your utility bills. LED signs will have low-maintenance compared with others.

Also, they’re eco-friendly. They only emit 72 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year, whereby incandescent lamps will emit up to 574 lbs. of carbon dioxide. On choosing an LED exit sign, you do not need to make any compromises with quality. They’ll illuminate five times brighter than any additional exit sign. The price of energy and replacement make incandescent and CFL exit signs pricier than LEDs.

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