Variety Of E-Cig And E-Liquid Choices To Please The Most Discriminating

With the recent popularity of electronic cigarettes, many are enjoying a flavorful “smoke” without any of the dangerous tar and chemicals and for some, even without the nicotine. Because of their newfound popularity, e-cigs are popping up all over, in convenience stores, department stores, and even the local grocery store carries some brands now.

Though their availability has increased, that doesn’t mean the quality of these products has increased, as well. To ensure you purchase a high-quality e-cig, it’s important to visit a shop that is dedicated to the product, such as The Vaporium. Here you can put together a custom designed e-cig that is enjoyable for you. You can choose from high-end atomizers or easy to use cartomizers, along with an E-liquid in almost any flavor you can imagine. By visiting a specialty shop, instead of the local drug store, you can speak to experienced e-cig users, try different accessories and flavors to know what works best for you.

The choices in e-cigarettes are almost endless. There are many batteries to choose from; some have USB adapters as well as wall adapters to make charging convenient no matter where you are located. The many choices of atomizers and cartomizers allow for an individualized amount of vapor production and taste customized to the vaper’s preference, compared to a drug store e-cig that is one size fits all.

After finding an e-cig setup that works for you, the next big decision is choosing the E-liquid flavor you enjoy. From standard tobacco flavors, that tend to give vaper’s that comfortable and familiar taste they crave, to the more adventurous who rather try banana cream pie or bubble gum flavor, there is something for everyone. As a new e-cig user, many find the traditional tobacco flavors easier to switch over to, with an adjustment period before trying a fruity or other unconventional flavor. Of course, most liquids offer full, light or zero nicotine, allowing the user to taper off the dependence on this, if and when ready.

When considering the switch to e-cigs, don’t base your experience on the one size fits all drug store variety. Take the time to visit a specialized shop that can offer expert advice along with high-quality products to customize your e-cig just to your liking. You can like them on Facebook.

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