Urgent Care Centers Are The Affordable Alternative To The Emergency Room

The virtues of the traditional emergency room have dwindled in recent years. It’s still the place to go for sudden life threatening reactions, and one of the few ways to see a doctor in the same day. However, the health care system has made the emergency room nearly impossible for average people to afford even with their insurance. Services at the emergency room always cost more because they are provided on the spot without a plan. Urgent Care Centers are a rising phenomenon all across the country. People are tuning in to the financial and time saving aspects of going to the local urgent care clinic for minor troubles.

There are three reasons to visit a walk in clinic versus the emergency room:

     *     Time management – An urgent care center has a quick patient turnaround time due to the non-life threatening nature of the injuries and illnesses attended to. Some will list the afflictions they treat on the web, so people can know before heading in that direction. It takes about a fourth of the time it would in the emergency room on average.

     *     Copay expense – The copay for an urgent care center is closer to the average copay to see a family doctor. On most insurance plans, a copay for the emergency room is much higher than the norm. For people with high deductible plans, it can be excruciating to pay for an entire visit out of pocket.

     *     Personal care – A visit to an urgent care clinic is a friendly environment where healing can begin. The medical professional who tends to a person’s case is able to take a moment with the patient and provide the bedside manner large hospitals have lost. They’ll even call in prescriptions, so they’re already in process before you leave.

The Midwest Express Clinic has all of this and more in two convenient locations. Urgent Care Centers are the saving grace of emergency medicine. They provide a service that everyone can access without the stress of going to the hospital. Next time an urgency occurs, it may behoove the individual to seek treatment from an urgent care clinic. People who have never been to a walk in clinic before will be pleasantly surprised by the results.


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