Unique Options In Granite Countertops In Farmington, MN

For those homeowners in Farmington, MN completing kitchen or bathroom renovations and looking for unique colors and patterns in natural stone for countertops, granite offers some very distinctive options.

Unlike marble, granite is more heavily patterned. This occurs as minerals seep through the granite as it is formed over time. Depending on where the granite is quarried it can have different colors and patterns that are very distinctive and striking.

Like marble, all the granite used in granite countertops will have unique variations based on the slab. As it is cut off the block in the massive slabs, patterns will change, colors will become darker or lighter, which ensures that every piece is different from the one before and the one following.

While there is a top selection in stone for granite countertops that features the standard whites, creams, grays, and blacks, there are also some very interesting color and patterning options that may fit perfectly in a Farmington, MN renovation project.

Blue Bahia

For a kitchen or a bathroom, the Blue Bahia granite is a very striking choice. It has an off-white background with slight variations to lighter or darker gray. Throughout the stone is a pattern of small, royal to sky blue patterns that resemble drops of water that are moving across the surface.


There are several different types of granite that have the name of Onyx, followed by additional descriptors. The onyx indicates there is a striation or linear pattern through the granite, just as found in the gemstone onyx. This creates a highly visible pattern that is very individualized to each slab.

With the distinctive pattern and the brilliant reds, pinks, browns, creams, and gold of the various onyx options in granite countertops, these are a striking addition to any kitchen or bathroom space.

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