Keeping Gutters in Colorado Spring in Excellent Condition

Downspouts and Gutters in Colorado Spring are critical to the structure of any building. The main purpose of the gutter system is to direct water from the roof and away from the house. That sounds easy enough, but neglect can interfere with those tasks. Major damage can result from gutters that are clogged, bent, coming loose from the side of the house, or having misaligned downspouts.

Clogged Gutters

Open gutters can get clogged quite easily. Debris from the roof, leaves falling from high tree branches, and nests of birds are just a few items that will clog gutters. A partial clog or one in the back of the house can cause a significant amount of damage before it is noticed. Some water may be getting through, but there is also water backing up behind the clog.

Water puddles on the roof in those areas, the gutter has excess weight on it, and cracks can form from the pressure. The results are leaks, gutters moving away from the house, and dents in the gutters. Water then begins to run down the side of the building instead of through the gutters. That leads to damage to windows, siding, landscaping, and the foundation.

Protect the Gutters

Having covers placed on the Gutters in Colorado Spring will prevent clogs and protect the strength and integrity of the gutter system. There are a few different types of gutter guards available to suit any style of gutter and any budget. Wire mesh covers are cost-effective and easy to have installed. The mesh allows water to flow unimpeded but will keep out debris and leaves.

Solid covers fit inside the gutter opening to shield the gutter from anything clogging it. The installation is such that water flows through on the sides of the covers. Plastic and steel guards are also available.

An experienced renovator or roofer can provide suggestions for covers that will work well in the specific environment. A house located on a street with few trees, for example, may not require heavy-duty covers. Go to for information regarding gutter repairs, replacements, and guards. Free estimates and zero percent financing are available for major renovation or replacement projects.

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