Understanding Moving Quotes From Atlanta Movers

When obtaining moving quotes in Atlanta from different companies, it is essential to make sure you are comparing apples to apples and not just simply looking at the number at the bottom of the estimate sheet.

There are several different factors to consider when reviewing moving quotes. One of the biggest to keep in mind is how accurate the estimate is, and that can only be completed if the moving company sends a representative with experience in assessing the weight of the contents of the home.

In-House Surveys

An in-house survey typically doesn’t take more than an hour, with most much less than that. However, it gives the moving company a very accurate picture of what you need to have loaded, transported and unloaded.

Online or by phone moving quotes are not going to be as accurate as there is only general information provided. For example, it may indicate a master bedroom suite, which typically includes one or two dressers, nightstands and a bed. Obviously if the bedroom suite is an antique sleigh bed with solid oak dressers, this is much bigger and heavier than a modern style that is much smaller and lighter.

Non-Binding Estimate

From the survey, regardless of the type, you will receive one of three types of estimates. The non-binding estimate is the least desirable, as the price can be dramatically more than the estimated price.

A non-binding estimate is based on the actual weight of the load, with a set price per pound. Since you won’t know the weight until everything is on the truck and the truck goes across the scales, this can be a big shock when your truck arrives at your final destination.

Binding Estimate

A better option to ask for moving quotes in Atlanta that provide a binding estimate. This binds the moving company, and yourself, to the price of the estimate provided no additional services or factors are involved.

For example, stairs are typically an additional fee for both loading and unloading. If you arrive at the destination and find out there are stairs, you will have to pay for this service over and above the binding estimate. However, should the company underestimate the weight, you don’t pay the difference. Should the moving company overestimate the weight, you still pay the agreed upon amount.

Not-To-Exceed Estimate

The best option in most cases will be moving quotes that are the not-to-exceed estimate type. This means that the amount the moving company charges cannot exceed the estimate provided there are no additional services or charges as in the binding estimate.

However, it also gives you the advantage of receiving a lower final cost if the moving company overestimates the weight of the shipment. These moving quotes are very fair for the customer as well as the moving company and are by far the best options to consider.

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