Types of Water Heaters in Ocean City MD

In the modern world, heating water is becoming very popular making the need to purchase water heaters to increase by day. The need to make different variety of heaters, due to the demand, is also very high. If you are interested in buying a water heater, you should consider various factors including the most common types of heaters available that are available in the market. Each type has its advantage, and it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs. The following options are the commonest that you will have for Water Heaters In Ocean City MD.

Storage tank Heaters

It consists of a water tank which is made of steel with an inlet pipe for feeding it with cold water located on one end. The water in the tank is heated then it exits through a hot water exit pipe. The tank also has a valve to relief excess temperature and pressure. Tank water heaters are mostly fueled by gas or electricity. The gas models tend to be costly but when it comes to energy savings, you will spend much less in gas than electricity.

Tankless water heaters

It is a significantly smaller briefcase sized unit. Water is heated at the switch of a button and can immediately be used without having to wait. The water is normally heated by an electrical coil or the use of natural gas. Using the tank less water heaters is beneficial as you don’t have to heat a lot of water just to use a little of it. One just heats what they need and thus saves energy.

Hybrid electric heaters

Heat is extracted from the surrounding air by an electric storage heater together with a heat pump. The heat is then used to heat the water. This method has been proved to use 60% less on energy compared to those that use electricity.

Solar water heaters

They are becoming very popular especially in sunny areas or during summers. The heat is collected through a flat panel or arrays of glass cylinders commonly known as evacuated tubes which are normally mounted on the roof.

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