Common and Less Common Types of Procedures offered by a Dentist in Parsippany

When you visit a Dentist in Parsippany, you can get expert advice and help for your teeth. Dental work is a normal part of life, and it is necessary to have strong teeth. There are several dental procedures that you are probably familiar with, but there are also be a couple that you have never been through before.

Common Dental Procedures

Most people are quite familiar with dental fillings. A dental filling is something a Dentist in Parsippany uses to fix a tooth that has decay. The dentist begins by removing the decay from the tooth, and he or she then fills the tooth with a composite material. This material protects the tooth and keeps it strong.

Another common procedure is tooth extraction. Getting a tooth extracted is necessary if the tooth cannot be salvaged, or if the tooth is a wisdom tooth. This is something dentists only do if it is absolutely necessary. It is always better to keep a real tooth, rather than to get it replaced with an alternative option.

Less Common Dental Procedures

A dentist may also offer procedures that are not as common. One of these is inserting dental implants. These are used to replace teeth that are missing. If you are missing a tooth for any reason, the dentist may suggest using an implant to fix the problem.

Getting a root canal is another less common procedure. This is something used when the roots of a tooth get infected. A dentist must drill a hole through the tooth to get to the roots of the tooth. Once inside the tooth, the dentist removes the pulp from the roots of the tooth. A dental crown is often needed after a root canal procedure, but not always.

To avoid needing dental work, you should take care of your teeth. You can do this by brushing and flossing them, but you must also visit a dentist on a regular basis. Regular dental visits are used to clean the teeth, and to locate potential problems while they are small.

Take good care of your teeth by making an appointment today with a Dentist in Parsippany. Visit Parsippany Family Dental for more information.



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