Types Of Tire Repair Service

Tires are imperfect. Even those on the latest vehicle models, go flat, have alignment issues or require tire repairs of one kind or another. From Tulsa, OK to Fort Worth, TX to Nassau, FL, drivers will have to consult a tire repair service at least once during the lifetime of their car. Make certain you understand the basics surrounding the most common types of tire problems.

Three Different Types of Tire Repairs

Tire repairs come in a few different types. Repair services know what causes them and how to fix the problem. Among those that occur the most frequently, Forth Worth shops list the following:

Puncture Repair: Such repairs address the minor punctures occurring in the tread crown area.  After identifying the hole, the choices are between filling the hole and patching it or plugging it. Another option is using a tee-unit also known as a combination patch-plug
Section Repairs: These type of repairs apply to various damages to the sidewall, shoulder and tread crown. They are more serious than those of spot repairs as the depth or extent of the problem is more severe.
Spot Repairs: Not for deep scars or damage, this type of tire repair service addresses surface repairs of the radial, tread, sidewalls, and shoulder of the tire. The repairs do not involve patching or plugging.

Sometimes, however, no amount of work will satisfactorily repair the issue. Fortunately, most tire repair shops also do replacements.

Tire Repair Service

Driving safely in Fort Worth or elsewhere across the United States, require that your tires be in good repair. If you spot a problem, take it immediately to a tire repair service. They can examine the damage before recommending a potential solution. Remember, they are experts in their field. If they feel they cannot save the tire by spot repair or any other method, it is time to cough up the money for new tires.

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