Types Of Controlled Access Systems

When it comes to keeping your business secure and confidential or restricted information out of the wrong hands, controlled access systems are one of the better options. There are several types of access control systems so you can get the right level of protection for your business.

Key Coded Entry

This type of access control allows the business to dictate who has access to particular areas throughout the building. Rooms can be coded to only allow one key code for entry, making it so only those with the code can enter. This allows for greater freedom, as access can be granted on a case by case basis. Also, the entry can be coded for multiple codes, allowing the business to assign employees their own code, which will allow the business to monitor who enters, when, and for how long. The drawback with this type is the risk of the code being mismanaged and given out to the wrong person. Low to mid-level security areas are best suited for these types.

Card Readers

With a card reader access system, the entry code is embedded in a microchip within the cards. Cards can then be programmed for individuals, allowing the company to monitor who enters. This system reduces the risk of having the entry code known by too many people. However; entry cards can be misplaced or lost, allowing the finder to enter the area. These work well for mid-security areas.


For greater security, biometric access control is the best option. With these, the individual’s fingerprint, or other unique marker is programmed into the system. Only those who have been granted access will be able to enter the given area. This prevents unauthorized entry through mismanagement of the door’s code. As with the other two types, companies will be able to monitor and track who enters the area and how long they spent within it. Browse our website American Locksmiths.

Protecting your business’s valuable information is very important. By installing one of the above mentioned types of access control, that information is kept safe from unauthorized access or corporation. When even stronger security measures are needed or wanted, a combination of these three types of access systems can be installed.




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