Tips for Shading Your Patio or Deck

Have you built a great patio or deck area only to learn that at certain times of the day it is just too hot to enjoy this space? If so, all of your problems can likely be solved when you install sun shades for patios, or some other type of covering. Some of the most popular types of canopies and coverings used for patios and decks are highlighted here.

A Canopy Awning

When you choose to install a canopy awning, you will have a structure that has been installed permanently, but that you can remove the fabric that is used. These awnings are types of fabric covered roofs that are supported by freestanding frames that are bolted down to your deck or patio. When properly cared for, the fabric on the canopy awnings can last for as much as 15 years.


If you are seeking a type of partial shade solution, then you can build, or purchase, your very own pergola and then train the vines to begin to grow over it. This option for shade will blend into your surrounding yard once you have gotten the vines to grow over it. You may also choose to cover the pergola with a special type of fabric, which provides additional sun blocking benefits.

Retractable Awnings

A retractable awning has become extremely popular due to the fact that they are extremely versatile. The framework for the awning mounts right onto the side of your home. There are some options that will feature a set of diagonal support arms, while there are others that will completely eliminate this obstruction by using a type of lateral arm. The awning is able to be opened and retracted either manually or with an installed hand crank. There are also a number of systems that open and close with a motor.

Choosing the right sun shade for your home will ensure that you, your family and your guests are cool and comfortable even during the hottest potions of the day. Sun shades provide a number of options for a home, as well as for those who reside inside of the home. For example, they can help to limit the amount of light that gets inside, helping to keep electrical bills low. No matter the reason, purchasing a sun shade for your patio or deck can provide you with much needed shade.

Purchasing sun shades for patios from the Canopy Mart will help you reduce the amount of sun you are exposed to while on your patio.

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