Types of Business Insurance

Business insurance is a type of specialized insurance that protects a company from financial loss due to lawsuits, business disrupts, thefts, or loss of income.

There are many types of business insurance coverage. Work with an insurance agent that specializes in business insurance in Decatur, GA who can evaluate your insurance requirements based on the risk you are able to assume. Most businesses carry liability and property insurance.

Types of Business Insurance

In today’s complex world, we often expect a higher standard of expertise from hired professionals. When professionals do not meet that expectation, they most likely are legally liable. Professional or business liability insurance can save businesses thousands of dollars by shielding them from potential lawsuits, settlements, and accusations.

Property insurance for a business not only covers the building but it can also cover equipment, inventory, fencing, signs, and landscaping. Damaged items covered under the policy can be replaced or repaired depending on the terms of the policy.

Product liability insurance protects your company from financial risk if the company is party to a lawsuit due to damages caused by one of your products.

Many companies have business interruption insurance which covers the loss of income due to a disruption of normal business due to a disaster-related event. Business located along the gulf coast would benefit from business interruption insurance during hurricane season.

Risk management insurance helps reduce the risk due to unsafe work environments.

Workers’ Compensation insurance provides coverage for work-related injuries for employees. Legal costs associated with an employee death can also be covered.

The coverage you need depends on the type of business and the perceived risk associated with the business. Work with an agent that specializes in business insurance in Decatur, GA and can help protect the business that you worked to build.

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