A good music course can change your life forever by equipping you with the tools of the trade that will help you land your dream job, or that ‘once in a lifetime’ gig you have always wanted or even partnering with your favourite artists! But how should you decide what course is right for you? It is simple; it depends solely on your area of interest and likes and what you want to become in the music industry.

Here are the courses offered by Global Dj Academy:

  • Dj Training Course-
    Digital DJ, Pro Dj, Remixing, Electronic Music Production, Sound designing, Mixing & Mastering are some of the DJ courses offered, so that you can enhance your performance in front of a huge audience. You will also learn recording podcasts from beat matching and produce perfect mixes.
  • Digital DJ Course-
    Digital DJing includes recording the sets, mixing using multiple decks, advance FX, Digital effects, playing more than two records at a time, advance level DJ mixes in EDM, Trance, House, dubstep, etc. The entire experience is completely practical, providing total hands-on experience.
  • Electronic Music Production-
    Basics of music production are taught by using important and popular software products. This course will help you become a hardcore music developer and equip you with the required skills in the field.
  • Diploma In Electronic Music Production-
    Professional and technical skills along with industry knowledge will be passed on to the students. Live performance with ease and use of external plug-ins for sound enhancement in FL studio are also taught.
  • Audio Engineering-
    Using computer sequencing, MIDI programming, samplers and synths, hard disc recording, scoring such as title and background score on software products like Logic Pro Studio, Avid Pro Tools, Steinberg Nuendo, etc. is taught with full confidence at music schools.
  • Fl Studio Course-
    FL Studio is a powerful digital audio alteration application used in Mac OS and Windows. We teach industry level projects to induce production skills and technical knowledge in our students.
  • Music Business Development-
    Practical Knowledge is what we provide our students with this management course. Marketing, taking tours, record distribution, gig placements and labeling will be taught side by side. This course will enhance your managerial skills in the industry to the max by also including licensing as a part of it.

Thus, it is critical to choose the right course for oneself, and if you choose correctly, you will be able to achieve great success.

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