Two Reasons for the Booming Tourism in Malawi

There are many countries in Africa that play host to millions of tourists a year but some, such as Malawi, have far more to offer for those who move away from the trail to find it. Home to a gorgeous and majestic lake stretching along its Eastern border with many breathtaking beaches, this is the place where you should go whenever you want to experience tourism in Malawi. It is without a doubt one of the world’s few natural paradises remaining that can be easily visited and enjoyed and there are many reasons why you should place this on your travel list this vacation season.

No Crowding

Tourism in Malawi is at just the right level for anyone in love with the ability to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of nature while also having access to all the modern amenities expected of a vacation. Restaurants never require a reservation, hotels typically have at least one room available, and you will never find yourself crowding into a large number of people just to watch a special event unfold. There are certainly other tourists there to meet, befriend, and enjoy but you will not have to worry about the pressing crowds associated with some other areas of Africa.

The Lake

Lake Malawi is part of the booming tourism in Malawi and one of the reasons it is slated to quickly become one of the most popular countries in which to spend a vacation. Although it is landlocked, there is a giant freshwater lake located within its borders that is home to the largest number of fish species of any lake in the world. That would place the number anywhere between 500 and 1000 species, allowing you to truly see some wondrous things while you walk along its shores and get your toes wet in the warm waters of the lake.

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