Top Reasons To Choose CNC Plastic Machining

Historically, components in many types of fabrication were made of exclusively of metal. Today, with superior options in composites, resins and plastics, more and more manufacturers have switched their choice from metal components to plastics. This, in turn, led to an increasing demand for CNC plastic machining services.

Virtually all machining today is going to employ CNC technology. CNC or Computer Numerical Control is the process where a specific component is created using software and this information is transferred from the computer to the machining equipment. The results are superior to manual processing where small differences can occur that can impact the fit and the effectiveness of the component.

With CNC plastic machining every component is perfectly identical, and all parts produced come from the original CNC program, eliminating gradual changes that may be microscopic in nature, but can result in higher failure rates and increased problems with fabrication.

Choose a Specialist
There are specific requirements and equipment necessary for effective, accurate and professional CNC machining of plastics. It is important to choose a company that has the equipment and the expertise to complete your production requirements or to create a prototype part or component.

By choosing an experienced plastic machining service the parts will be delivered on time, on schedule and on budget. They will be perfect replicas of the original design without any deviations or slight variations from part to part.

Lower Cost of Production
Plastic itself is often a lower cost option than metals, and it offers corrosion resistance not possible with many types of alloys. With plastic components, it is possible to produce identical parts with another production operation, and these are commonly extrusion types of processes or injection molding.

This process is more time consuming than machining, which in turn results in a higher overall price per unit. Additionally, as the mold or die has to be created and tested, there is typically either a high upfront cost for this aspect of the production or a requirement for large minimum orders to allow the manufacturing company to offset the cost of the tooling.

With CNC plastic machining from an experienced machining shop, there is really no shape too complex to create. More complicated pieces may require greater time to produce, so it will be important to work closely with the machining company to ensure the order is completed and ready to ship when you need it.

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