Tips to Keep Your Dog Calm at the Vet

Going to a veterinary hospital in Bucktown can be stressful for a dog, and many pet owners have dogs that need to be calm when going in for their appointment. Here are some tips to keep your dog calm when you go in for your next vet appointment:

Teach Basic Commands

One of the first things you should do is to teach your dog some basic commands, such as stay, sit, and come. This gets your dog used to hearing and responding to your commands and helps you to control them in scary situations.

Handle the Dog

You should also make sure that the dog is okay being handled. To do this, take some time each day touching the dog’s ears, paws, and tail, and after he or she is used to you doing it, have someone who is friendly with the dog do it. The point is to get the dog used to people touching him or her.

Take the Dog in for a Trial Run

You also might want to bring the dog into the vet’s office before his or her appointment to meet the office staff and explore the office. This can help to relieve their anxiety when it is time for their official visit.

Get There Early

You also should get the dog to his or her appointment early, if possible. This way, you can allow the dog the chance to explore his or her surroundings and use the bathroom outside before going in.

Keep Him or Her Close to You

Also, make sure that you are keeping your pet close to you, especially when waiting for the doctor. This helps them to feel safer.

Stay Calm, Yourself

Finally, make sure that you remain calm yourself. Your dog will be able to pick up your anxiety, too, and that will make him or her more nervous.

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