Seeing A Vet in Millersville If Poisoning Is Suspected

When a dog eats a toxic substance, there will be a need to see a vet in Millersville immediately so the pet can get medical treatment. There are a few steps a pet owner should take in advance of a trip to a veterinarian to ensure their dog is kept comfortable at a time it is likely to be suffering from the symptoms of poisoning. Here are some points to consider.

Call The Veterinarian Before Heading Out

It is best to give a call to a veterinarian as soon as it is noticed the dog is showing signs of difficulty. They will be able to give advice over the phone regarded whether to try to induce vomiting. In some instances, this would be beneficial in removing a poisonous substance from the dog’s body very quickly. Some poisons, however, should remain in the system, as they could cause damage to the dog’s throat if vomiting is experienced. The veterinarian will ask about ingredients listed on the substance’s packaging if it is available to determine the course of action to take.

Bring Along The Poisonous Substance If Possible

Wrap the agent the dog had eaten in a protective container or covering and place it in the trunk of a vehicle for safe keeping. This will ensure the dog does not eat any more of the substance. Giving the item to the veterinarian is best, as they will be able to do tests on the substance if necessary to determine what effects it will have on the dog’s health.

Keep The Dog Comfortable During The Excursion

Bring someone along when going to the veterinarian’s office. This person will help to keep the dog comfortable while in transit. The dog can rest on a soft blanket or towel, and the helper can help keep it calm.

When there is a need to see a vet in Millersville after a poisonous substance is ingested, time is of the utmost importance. Contact an emergency veterinarian at Gambrills Veterinary Center to tend to the dog promptly. A call can be made in advance to get directions or informational steps regarding any steps to help the dog properly.

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