Tips For Sending Your Work Into a Large Format Printing Company In Chicago

Printing banners, signs, copying blueprints or even making posters has always been a difficult task for do-it-yourselfers. It is also cost prohibitive for most Chicago companies to buy these large format printers and just have them sitting around in the event that they may be used a few times a year.

To get around these issues, most companies and individuals requiring this oversized type of printing simply hire a professional printing service to complete their large format printing needs.

This is a cost-effective option and one that saves you from having to buy this equipment and to keep it maintained. With the use of professional printers, it is also easy to catch common mistakes that can occur with both the design elements and the formatting of these larger print jobs.

Balance and Proportion

One of the biggest and most common mistakes that inexperienced printers make is assuming that simply sizing up and sizing down is all it takes to print to a large format or to take a large format file and print a smaller size.

In fact, there is a balance and proportion element that also needs to be considered. Some fonts and images simply don’t stand up to being printed in large format and still retain their readability and their correct look.

This is why images and fonts stand out in large format printing but may not look good when downsized to print on a standard piece of paper. Larger images need to have less detail to create the image while smaller images that are viewed from a lesser distance need to have more.

Key Message

Another essential factor to consider is the key message you want your banner, poster or sign to display. Do you want the name of the company to stand out, or the word “sale” or perhaps a key image or logo?

It can be difficult to determine how this will all play out with large format printing as you are viewing everything through your computer screen and a design program.

This is where professional printers in Chicago can make a very big difference. These professionals can ensure that the final product is just what you want. They will also work with you to ensure all the elements of the design are in balance, proportional and highlight the message you want to send.

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