How Residential Moving Companies Can Help Move Vehicles for Lancaster PA Customers

It can be problematic and complicated to move a car to a new home, particularly if moving a long distance. Those who are collectors of cars face multiple challenges in moving their collection. For moving vehicles, it is important to use professional residential moving companies. Lancaster PA and the surrounding areas are home to such companies that are qualified to move vehicles in a safe and secure fashion.

Car Moving Options
Residential moving companies offer two options for moving vehicles.

One is to have the mover load the car onto the van along with furniture and other household items or to have a driver pick up a car, place it on a car carrier or an open truck and then deliver it to its final destination. The use of this option will be determined by local ordinances. Many cities and municipalities restrict oversize vehicles due to tight turns, narrow streets, low hanging trees and speed bumps that may limit the use of these vehicles.

The other option is to use terminal-to-terminal service. A terminal is a “hub” where cars are loaded, unloaded, and transferred. Residential moving companies tend to prefer this option as it allows for flexible drop-off and storage before and after transportation. Customers will need to determine how viable this option is depending on the proximity of the terminals to their departure and destination locations.

Car Moving Cost
Residential moving companies that offer automobile moving services use several factors to determine the cost of moving a vehicle. These usually include the distance the car will be traveling, its make and model, its operating condition, weight and size, and services and insurance coverage provided by the movers.

Inoperable vehicles cost more to move than those that are in working condition. Door-to-door service in an open carrier is more expensive than terminal service and using one’s own insurance is cheaper than using that of the mover.

Choosing an Auto Mover
The same type of research should be done when selecting an auto mover as with a mover of household goods. The mover’s credentials and track record can be verified by contacting the Better Business Bureau and any trade organizations of which the transporter is a member, such as the American Moving and Storage Association and the Employee Relocation Council.

Look for a mover that will move a vehicle in a safe and timely fashion and provide excellent customer service.

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