Tips For Packing Your Moving Boxes In Missouri

When you are moving you want to make sure that all of your goods and possessions make it safely from one location to another without being broken or damaged in any way. Packing and moving boxes in Missouri can be very easy and hassle free if you know what to do before, during and after your move.

Before You Begin Packing Your Things

Before you begin packing everything up you need to know which size moving boxes you will need. Items such as heavy books, CDs and breakables should be placed in smaller boxes so they don’t get too heavy. Larger and lighter items such as pillows and bedding can go in larger boxes. It is a good idea to get a variety of different sized boxes before you begin packing. Make sure that you get plenty of boxes when you are purchasing them. Nothing is worse than being in the middle of a packing spree and running out of boxes to use.

Label Everything Properly

As you pack up your boxes it is very important to label everything. You will want to find a good permanent marker to clearly mark the boxes. Label them according to which room they belong in and also what is inside the box. So a box from the kitchen might be labeled “Kitchen; toaster, spices, small pot, dish towels.” Labeling your moving boxes this way will not only help you determine which room to put the boxes in when you get to your new Missouri home, but it will also help you find the things that you need as you unpack your belongings. Staying organized is very important to keeping your sanity during a move.

Fill Your Boxes Correctly

In addition to packing your things in the right size boxes it is also important to pack them correctly. Boxes should be packed so that they are completely full without any gaps in them. You should be able to close the box and tape it shut so that it is still in its natural shape without any bulges. If you think that a box is getting too heavy and don’t want to add more weight but you still have space to fill you can either use packing peanuts or something light like sheets to fill the space. You will need to boxes packed completely so that when you are moving them they stay in place and don’t get crushed under the weight of a box on top of it. This will help you transport everything safer.

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