It Is Difficult To Meet Social Security’s Definition Of Disability

Social Security defines a disability as something that will not allow you perform any substantial gainful activity for a period of 12 months or longer or is expected to result in death. It actually sounds rather straight forward but the truth is very different, most people applying for disability benefits find the process to be so complex that a Social Security lawyer in Oak Ridge is a necessity.

How to meet the definition of disability:

Social Security publishes a book called the “Listing of Impairments.” The list contains a finite definition of all the physical and mental conditions. Those can satisfy the criteria as laid down are guaranteed approval of benefits.

Unfortunately, the greatest majority of applicants find it extremely hard to meet the definition found in the book; these people have to find another way to be granted approval.

   * Medical details required: As the application will be vetted by an assessor it is important that it contain a complete listing of your impairments as well as a list of all your medical practitioners, hospitals and clinics that have been part of your treatment. It is important that you explain to your doctor how the disability limits what you are capable of doing; this is to be part of the doctor’s statement supporting your application.

   * Non-medical requirement: SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) only applies to those who have paid FICA contributions for a specific number of years; the number varies depending on your age when you apply.

It is common for the initial application for disability benefits to be denied, as a matter of fact about 75 percent are. If you did not have legal assistance when you prepared your application now is the time to hire a Social Security lawyer in Oak Ridge. The appeals process is complicated and the chances of winning on appeal are far better when you have a seasoned lawyer in your corner. For free case evaluation contact Law Office of Miller Drozdowski at

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