Tips For Caring For Minneapolis Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops

While many people admire natural stone counters, they may shy away from these countertops just because of the reputation for a lot of upkeep. While this was somewhat true in the past, new technology in sealants and cleaning products make natural stone kitchen countertops easy to keep looking beautiful, shiny and new.

For anyone in Minneapolis considering this option, take the time to go into a showroom and look at the counters. Talk to the sales representatives for yourself; you will be surprised to discover just how durable and strong these options really are.

Quartz Advantage

While quartz is considered in the same group as natural stone kitchen countertops, it is actually an engineered stone. Real quartz pieces in different sizes are mixed in with resin to create a very strong and durable material. Pigment can also be added to the resin which gives the quartz such vivid and unique colors not found in marble or granite.

This is the toughest of all countertop options. As with anything, it can be damaged but it is very resistant to typical use and wear and tear. This is a non-porous material which means it will naturally repel liquids and not absorb them like natural stone. Cleaning is just with any other countertop, wipe it down to remove liquids or foods and it will look bright and shiny again.


With marble and granite, which are true natural stone kitchen countertops, sealing will be essential. This helps to prevent liquids or other materials from being absorbed into the stone and staining.

Sealing needs to be repeated as required, with the specific time for this depends on the type of use. Marble and granite, even when sealed, can etch but this can be buffed out with just a cloth and the right polishing product.

With routine maintenance and the use of the right cleaners for natural stone, these counters are not challenging to keep clean. However, keep in mind that acidic foods like tomato sauce, citrus juice or red wine will stain these counters. Quickly picking up the spill can prevent this, but once stained they will need to be buffed to remove the stained surface. This can be easily done by hand with a soft cloth a specialized marble polishing product.

Knowing how you want your Minneapolis kitchen to look and your comfort with the different materials will help you to choose the right option. All are good selections, just take your time and compare the colors, features and differences.

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