Three Reasons to Enjoy a Sparkling Wine at your Next Dinner Out

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Business

Most people associate sparkling wines such as champagne or even prosecco with celebrations and toasts. However sparkling wines are so refreshing and pleasant they should be enjoyed far more often. Here are three good reasons you should order a bottle of bubbly at the restaurants Cincinnati enjoys for an evening out on the town:

1. Romance: If you are spending an evening with that special someone and want to have a more romantic dinner nothing adds to the feeling of romance better than a glass of sparkling rose champagne. There is a sense of magic that will be brought to your table as the bubbles in fluted glasses pick up the candlelight and the bubbles offer a teasing, pleasing sensation with every sip. A bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte Rose, Champagne offers fruitiness that is robust with the taste of rich plumb, raspberry and a revitalizing twist of pepper and ginger in the finish. It is also the perfect accompaniment to some spicy appetizers to start off the meal with hints of chillies or warm paprika.

2. Perfect Pairing: Choosing a sparkling wine such as Prosecco is often overlooked if you are looking for a perfect pairing for your meal. Prosecco is a lovely sparkling Italian wine with a lot of lemony notes and therefore it is lovely with seafood. In fact it is even better with fried seafood such as a freshly prepared plate of fried calamari. People get so caught up in the same boring premise for wine pairings and overlook the sparkling choices such as Maschio Spago Prosecco that can really add an invigorating aspect to their meals.

3. Aperitif: Instead of ordering cocktails while waiting for your table consider ordering a bottle of bubbly. There is something far more intimate about chatting over a shared bottle of wine than having individual martinis or scotches. There is a nicer sense of shared company when the bottle arrives at your table and the cork is popped. It is a refreshing and pleasing way to begin a meal and many sparkling wines such as Perrier Jouet Grand Brut, Champagne, offer wonderful flavors that will entice your taste buds with notes of ginger and ripe apricot and lovely spices perfect with some appetizers or just enjoyed on its own.

Sparkling wine adds a touch of sophistication and excitement to dinner out and can become a new favorite to enjoy no matter the occasion.

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