Three Homemade Remedies To Deter Ants in St. Paul

Ant infestations tend to go beyond annoying. Their large colonies can damage homes, infest food, and lay pheromone trails that just attract even more ants. While calling a professional exterminator or pest control service can help rid the home of ants, professional services can cost quite a lot of money. Instead, try these three all natural and inexpensive control remedies for Ants in St. Paul.

Citrus Peel Spray

The smell of citrus fruits is proven to repel ants and cover up their scent to keep other ants away. In order to make a homemade citrus peel spray, boil three cups of water in a pot. Once the water has come to a boil, add in 5-10 cut up citrus peels. The citrus peels can either be from oranges, lemons, or limes. Allow the citrus peels to steep in the water overnight. Once steeped, strain the peels from the water and pour the water into a clean spray bottle. Use this homemade spray to thoroughly spray areas where ants tend to congregate.

Powdered Sugar and Baking Soda

Everyone knows ants love sugar. They are extremely attracted to it. On the other hand, baking soda is toxic for ants. If it is consumed by an ant, the ant will end up dying. A powdered sugar and baking soda powder will attract ants and then kill them right off. To make this powder, simply mix together one part baking soda and one part powdered sugar. Sprinkle the powder in the areas where ants tend to congregate. The ants will be attracted to the sugar and then killed off when they try to consume it. Sweep up the dead ants with a pan and broom once the powder works its magic.

Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oil contains eugenol. Eugenol is poisonous to ants and other small insects. To perform ant control with clove essential oil, simply dab a bit of the essential oil on a cotton ball and wipe the wet side of the cotton ball onto the areas where ants seem to be located. Once they get a whiff of the clove oil, they will immediately run in the opposite direction.

These simple and cheap control remedies for Ants in St. Paul should deter the pesky insects in no time. If they do not, or for any questions about ant control, contact Be There Pest Control LLC.

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