The Role of Litigation Attorneys in Mankato, MN

Litigation attorneys in Mankato, MN, which are also called trial lawyers or litigators, represent a plaintiff or defendant in a civil case. They are responsible for managing all the phases of the litigation process from the initial investigation, pleadings and discovery to the pre-trial, actual trial, settlement, and the appeal process. Some of the specifics of tasks they provide are found here.

Investigation and Assessment
The litigation attorney will begin to investigate a situation to determine if the case has enough evidence to pursue a lawsuit, or what evidence is present to defend the person. This investigation process can include finding and interviewing witnesses, gathering the documents needed, and investigating the facts of the situation. The litigation attorneys in Mankato, MN may also engage in pre-litigation settlement talks to handle the issue before an actual lawsuit is filed.

The litigation attorney may also draft pleadings on the behalf of the defendant or plaintiff. The attorneys for the plaintiff will hire a summons and complaint to start the lawsuit while defense attorneys will work with their client to investigate the allegations made and formulate the proper response. They can also draft motions including ones to dismiss, change venue, amend, or strike something from the record.

Discovery Phase
This phase includes the exchange of relevant information between the parties. The litigation attorney can employ a number of discovery devices to gain the necessary information relevant to the lawsuit. These types of devices include depositions, interrogations, and requests for admission in regard to evidence.

Pre-Trial and Trial
In many cases, the litigation attorney will be able to settle the case before it goes to trial. However, if this does not happen, they will be prepared to represent their client in the courtroom to prove their side of the situation.

Filling for an Appeal
If the case does not turn out like the client desires, the litigation attorney can also file for appeal. This will, essentially, start the process again and give their client the opportunity to have their side heard again.

Learn more about hiring a litigation lawyer by visiting the website. Talk with a lawyer who can determine if the case is worth pursuing and then assist with the process from start to finish. Doing this will help you reach a successful outcome for the situation.

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