Septic Tank Cleaning in Cedar Rapids IA and Tips for Proper Use and Maintenance

Aerobic septic systems for rural area wastewater treatment are installed underground on residential and commercial land. Wastewater is treated for some to be converted to fertilizing liquid. Aerobic bacteria is a healthy organism that digests other organisms that are not good as soil fertilizer. Wastewater that can’t be used as fertilizer settles to the bottom of the tank as sludge. When sludge has reached its capacity in volume, Septic Tank Cleaning Cedar Rapids IA is needed.

People with septic tanks on their land need to know how to use and properly maintain the system. There are strict guidelines for use and acceptable substances that can enter the septic tank. Biodegradable or easily broken down bath tissue should be the only kind of paper that is flushed down the toilet. Paper towels and large amounts of hair can cause a tank to reach holding capacity prematurely. Doing excessive loads of laundry in a single day can put stress on the system. The rule of thumb should be four or less loads of laundry per day. No cooking oils should ever be washed down the sink drain. Slow draining water in sinks and tubs could be a sign that a septic tank is having problems. If water washes back up from toilets, it can mean the tank is obstructed in some way. These issues usually only occur with tanks that have not been maintained.

A whole septic system can eventually fail if maintenance and septic tank cleaning in Cedar Rapids IA is not done every two to four years. It may be hard to tell where a septic tank is located. There’s a small electronic device that can be flushed down the toilet and scanned to locate the tank. The tiny device will reach its destination in the septic tank. A scanner detects the tank’s exact location with the device. A riser can be installed in the ground where the septic tank is to mark its location in the future. Standard service includes pumping, cleaning the tank and making sure all components are in place. Septic tank additives can be put in tanks to protect the aerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacteria must be present because it enables prolific breakdown of solids. Visit the website for more details.

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